The Race across America does not belong on this Earth. There is no tougher sporting event in the known Universe. In researching her book Amy Snyder enters…the lives of 28 of the world’s most unusual athletes. She shows that their desire to complete [this race] has less to do with the physical challenge than with their need to discover that part of their spiritual being that remains otherwise hidden. (More)
— Dr. Timothy Noakes
Arguably the most influential exercise physiologist on the planet, author of the seminal Lore of Running, marathon and ultramarathon runner

Amy Snyder has given us not only an intimate and fascinating account of the most demanding endurance race ever conceived, but opens us to a world of experiences well beyond our imaginations, in which we discover ways way of being that transcend anything most of us have ever  known.  Indeed, in this book we are asked to set aside our normal, rational ways of viewing life. (More)
— Dr. Richard Farson

Renowned psychologist, author, lecturer, educator, past President of Esalen Institute, current President of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute

Amy Snyder’s HELL ON TWO WHEELS accomplishes the first great challenge facing contemporary writers: discovering something of real consequence that none of us have heard of. But her book’s much greater achievement is its relentless depiction of the exotic, agony-drenched world of ultradistance cycling, where mere survival may be the ultimate victory. (More)
— James M. Tabor
Author of New York Times best seller Blind Descent

I LOVED this book! HELL ON TWO WHEELS is a fascinating read – a compelling story about ultra-cyclists who compete in the Race Across America. They climb to knee-grinding summits and pedal across blazing, hallucination-inducing deserts. It is a race of suffering and triumph, and a life-changing experience that reveals deep wounds, yearnings, and the cyclists’ unrelenting  determination to win. (More)
— Lynne Cox
Famed long-distance open-water swimmer and author of award-winning Swimming to Antarctica and Grayson

HELL ON TWO WHEELS takes the reader inside the Race Across America, the toughest, nastiest and most brutal cycling event on the planet. If you’re a cycling fan,  you’ll love every page. And if you’re not? Prepare to become one! This book is a must read. (More)
— Bob Babbitt
Co-Founder of Competitor magazine and 10th inductee into the Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame


I’ve known about the Race Across America since its inception and have known a couple of athletes (John Howard & Kenny Souza) who did the race.  Even their personal descriptions of the planning, training, & suffering couldn’t come close to this book. I feel like I finally was able to get immersed in the event and into the minds of these incredible people who dare to attempt the impossible.  Every athlete in every sport constantly tries to define which is the most difficult event and/or sport in the world.  Each has his/her own argument.  After reading HELL ON TWO WHEELS, I know what I’d say.

This is one GREAT read! (More)
— Paul Huddle
“Triathlon Renaissance Man”

As a lifelong competitive triathlete, I thought I’d seen it all. But HELL ON TWO WHEELS tells an epic tale of adventure and survival that even had me shocked and amazed. The book follows a handful of racers throughout this two-week long, non-stop event, weaving together a suspenseful and raw narrative of the race. It brings the racers to life as real people who express their humanity in curious ways, and adds just enough science to illuminate the physical and mental punishment each racer endures. HELL ON TWO WHEELS had me hooked from the beginning. As the story built to its climactic conclusion, it challenged me to re-think my own assumptions about what is possible when mind and body are pushed to the limit. (More)

— Emilio DeSoto
Professional Triathlete, Founder of DeSoto Sport

I enjoyed Amy’s book so much it made me want to do the race again! This feeling surprised me, because I retired from ultra-distance racing years ago!
— Fred Boethling
Race Across America CEO and oldest solo finisher