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Helpful Resources for Those Interested in Learning More About the Race

The story of the 2009 race was much larger than HELL ON TWO WHEELS could possibly convey. Because my space was limited I regret that I wasn’t able to recount the travails of all 28 solo racers, or even share all the pivotal moments experienced by the racers I did feature in my book. After reading HELL ON TWO WHEELS, if you’re still curious to learn more, I encourage readers to search for the blogs and websites that many RAAM participants employ to keep their fans updated. It’s also worth taking a look at the race coverage posted on RAAM’s website, YouTube, and elsewhere.

Below are links to two resources that will help to fill in some of the stories I wasn’t able to tell in HELL ON TWO WHEELS. Following that is a roster of the 2009 solo starters, so you can search for their blogs by name. (Be sure to check out the “About the Racers” tab on my Homepage for profiles of the racers featured in the book.)

Official RAAM Website

2009 Race YouTube Channel

The 2009 Solo Field

-> Featured Racers Highlighted With ♥ <-

Name Nationality, Racing Age Previous Solo RAAM Experience Biography
Autissier, Patrick ♥
France, 47 3rd attempt –
one DNF, one finish
Experienced swimmer, triathlete, and cyclist. Recognized as level-headed and cerebral. Scientist who uses himself as a research subject during RAAM.
Bachmann, Hermann Switzerland, 57 Rookie attempt Veteran ultra-distance runner; finished more than 20 Swiss Alpine Marathons (47 miles). Late-blooming ultra-distance cyclist. Physical and massage therapist.
Baloh, Marko ♥
Slovenia, 42 4th attempt –
two DNFs, one finish
Top ultra-distance cyclist and a world record holder at 12h and 24h races. This civil servant and doting father of three is known for his consistency and humility.
Bradley, Bill USA, 49 Rookie attempt Experienced ironman/ultraman triathlete and ultra-distance runner known for his resolve if not his speed. Owned video stores and now a motivational speaker.
Briand, Dominique France, 54 Rookie attempt Acclaimed road cyclist with many age group podium finishes, including some of the toughest one-day amateur races in Europe. Retired.
Christiansen, Janet ♥
USA, 48 2nd attempt –
one DNF
Podium-finishing, veteran Ironman triathlete, stage racer, and ultra-distance cyclist. Known for her tenacity and sense of humor. Software engineer.
Clarindo, Claudio Brazil, 32 2nd attempt –
one finish
Cycling coach and experienced ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and swimmer. First South American ever to finish RAAM (2007).
Cook, Michael USA, 39 Rookie attempt Podium-finishing ultra marathoner and ironman triathlete turned ultra-distance cyclist. Healthcare software developer.
Danhaus, Paul USA, 60 Rookie attempt Veteran ultra-distance athlete completed 66 marathons, two 50 mile ultras, and 7 Hawaii Ironman triathlons. Veterinarian.
Garcia, Julian Spain, 36 2nd attempt –
one finish
Acclaimed ultra-distance cyclist with 1st and 3rd place finishes at Le Tour Ultime (the “non-stop Tour de France”).
Genovesi, Daniela Brazil, 41 Rookie attempt Personal trainer, world jiu-jitsu champion, and mother of three. Raced in many multi-day, multi-stage, mountain bike races. Untested ultra-distance road cyclist.
Gottwald, Christopher ♥
USA, 38 Rookie attempt Pro criterium racer with the Colavita team in the 1990s. Untested ultra-distance cyclist doing RAAM for charitable and spiritual reasons. Pilot and father of two.
Gulewicz, Gerhard Austria, 41 4th attempt – one DNF, two finishes One of the top full-time ultra-distance cyclists in the world (road and mountain), set a new world record for the fastest crossing of Australia in 2007.
Kaiser, Kevin ♥
USA, 41 Rookie attempt Mild-mannered pharmacist manager and veteran ultra-distance cyclist. Dedicated student of RAAM history and race tactics.
Luikart, Scott USA, 47 Rookie attempt Financial advisor and experienced ultra-distance cyclist. Twin brother recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and on Luikart’s RAAM crew.
Newey, Richard United Kingdom, 44 Rookie attempt Cat 2 road racer and mountain biker, was a mountaineer before taking up cycling. Construction consultant and risk manager for London 2012 Olympics.
O’Keeffe, Tony ♥
Canada, 48 2nd attempt –
one finish
Lt. Colonel in the Canadian armed forces, veteran Ironman/Ultraman triathlete, respected for his discipline, inspirational leadership qualities, and mental toughness.
Oyler, Peter Canada, 39 2nd attempt –
one finish
Athletic coach, multi-sport athlete, seasoned adventure racer, experienced ironman triathlete.
Popp, Ben ♥
USA, 35 Rookie attempt Athletic coach, multi-sport athlete, and Ironman triathlete with a background in Nordic skiing. Stay-at-home father of twin boys.
Preihs, Franz ♥
Austria, 31 2nd attempt –
one finish
Professional ultra-distance cyclist. Late-blooming endurance athlete ran 54 marathons in three years. Rose rapidly through the ranks of ultra-distance cycling.
Rees, Jim ♥
United Kingdom, 46 3rd attempt –
two finishes
Veteran Ironman triathlete turned cyclist. Keynote speaker, executive coach, and father of six. Known for his thoughtfulness, determination, and generosity.
Robič, Jure ♥
Slovenia, 44 7th attempt –
four 1st places, one 2nd place, one DNF
Greatest male RAAM champion in history with record-setting four victories, and quite possibly the world’s greatest ultra-distance endurance athlete. Wins almost every ultra cycling race he enters. Renowned for pushing himself to the edge of mental breakdown during races. Full-time ultra-distance cyclist and member of Slovenian armed forces.
Rudge, Daniel United Kingdom, 42 2nd attempt –
Structural engineer and Brit living in Texas. Widely experienced endurance athlete, father of two, and aggressive charity fund raiser during RAAM races.
Santilhano, Michelle ♥
South Africa, 39 Rookie attempt Pediatric oncology nurse, mountaineer, adventurer, and widely-accomplished ultra-distance endurance athlete with accolades in swimming, running, triathlon, and cycling.
Strasser, Christoph ♥
Austria, 26 Rookie attempt Youngest entrant and a superstar professional ultra-distance cyclist in the making. Youngest ever to win the ultra cycling world championship in 2007.
Velez, Jean Marc France, 47 3rd attempt –
one DNF, one finish
Management consultant and long-time ultra-distance cyclist. First Frenchman ever to finish solo RAAM (2007).
Wooldridge, Ann United Kingdom, 50 Rookie attempt Accomplished ultra-distance cyclist with numerous high finishes, including course record for Sebring 24h in 2005, and 3rd female in Furnace Creek 508 in 2007.
Wyss, Dani Switzerland, 39 3rd attempt – one
1st place, one 4th
One of the top ultra-distance cyclists in the world set a 24h world record in 2007 in Schötz, Switzerland. Only second racer to win RAAM in rookie attempt (2006).