This is a red-letter day for sure. A few hours after receiving an endorsement from Lynne Cox, another acclaimed author and adventurer offered these kind words:

“Amy Snyder’s Hell On Two Wheels accomplishes the first great challenge facing contemporary writers: discovering something of real consequence that none of us have heard of. But her book’s much greater achievement is its relentless depiction of the exotic, agony-drenched world of ultradistance cycling, where mere survival may be the ultimate victory.”

About James M. Tabor

James M. Tabor’s latest book is Blind Descent, a true story of the last great terrestrial discovery: the Mt. Everest of caves. It was selected as the Amazon Best Book of the Month and has earned wide praise. The writer and on-camera host of the acclaimed national PBS series The Great Outdoors, Tabor was also co-creator and executive producer for the 2007 History Channel special Journey to the Center of the World. Tabor is a former contributing editor to Outside magazine and Ski Magazine; his writing has also appeared in Time, Smithsonian, Barron’s, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and many other national publications.