I was mesmerized and inspired by Lynne Cox’s Swimming to Antarctica, so when she offered this endorsement it meant a lot:

“I LOVED this book! HELL ON TWO WHEELS is a fascinating read – a compelling story about ultra-cyclists who compete in the Race Across America. They climb to knee-grinding summits and
pedal across blazing, hallucination-inducing deserts. It is a race of suffering and triumph, and a life-changing experience that reveals deep wounds, yearnings, and the cyclists’ unrelenting determination to win.”

About Lynne Cox

The inspirational Lynne Cox is a renowned long-distance open-water swimmer who has written two books about her aquatic adventures. In 1971, she and her teammates were the first group of teenagers to cross the Catalina Island Channel in California. In the 1970s she twice held the record for the fastest crossing (men or women) of the English Channel, became the first woman to swim the chilly Cook Strait in New Zealand, and the first person to swim around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Lynne has sought to be an ambassador for world peace and cross-cultural understanding. In 1987 she swam the Bering Strait, making it from Alaska to the Soviet Union in 40-degree waters. Her accomplishment eased Cold War tensions as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev both praised her success. Science doesn’t fully understand it how she survives in water that is cold enough to kill. Cox also swam more than a mile in the frigid waters of Antarctica. Her book about the experience, Swimming to Antarctica, was published in 2004 to wide acclaim. Her second book Grayson was also widely praised, and Kirkus Reviews called it “an inspirational, almost spiritual read.”

Link to Lynne’s website here.