Emilio DeSoto has been around endurance sports for decades, and here’s what he had to say about HELL ON TWO WHEELS:

As a lifelong competitive triathlete, I thought I’d seen it all. But HELL ON TWO WHEELS tells an epic tale of adventure and survival that even had me shocked and amazed. The book follows a handful of racers throughout this two-week long, non-stop event, weaving together a suspenseful and raw narrative of the race. It brings the racers to life as real people who express their humanity in curious ways, and adds just enough science to illuminate the physical and mental punishment each racer endures. HELL ON TWO WHEELS had me hooked from the beginning. As the story built to its climactic conclusion, it challenged me to re-think my own assumptions about what is possible when mind and body are pushed to the limit.

Emilio DeSoto has competed as a pro triathlete since the early 1980s, racing sprints to iron-distance events. He is known for his flamboyance, smarts, and speed. A self-described “blue collar” athlete, he was talented enough to race across the globe. Even well into his 40s, his times did not slow significantly. But that’s not all. He’s done ultra races, 24-hour races, and adventure races. He made it 32 miles from Catalina Island to the mainland on a paddleboard, ran 10 miles in 40-below temps, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco without a wetsuit – twice, and clocked a sub three-hour marathon after cycling 200k to the starting line. DeSoto is probably best known as the founder of DeSoto Sport, a highly successful triathlon-specific line he created in 1990. He was raised in Northern California, has an engineering degree from UC Santa Barbara, and an MBA degree, too. DeSoto lives in La Jolla with his wife Tracey and young son.