Here’s what the one-and-only Paul Huddle had to say about HELL ON TWO WHEELS:


I’ve known about the Race Across America since its inception and have known a couple of athletes (John Howard & Kenny Souza) who did the race.  Even their personal descriptions of the planning, training, & suffering couldn’t come close to this book. I feel like I finally was able to get immersed in the event and into the minds of these incredible people who dare to attempt the impossible.  Every athlete in every sport constantly tries to define which is the most difficult event and/or sport in the world.  Each has his/her own argument.  After reading HELL ON TWO WHEELS, I know what I’d say.

This is one GREAT read!

Paul Huddle has done it all in the sport of triathlon, and is currently one of the most respected and widely-followed triathlon coaches in the world. Paul’s accomplishments include several top 10 finishes at Ironman Hawaii; founding, one of the best coaching services around; hosting; Race Director for Ironman Arizona; and co-host of “The Competitors” radio show. Married to 8-time Ironman World Champion Paula Newby-Fraser, Paul has been described as a “triathlon Renaissance Man.”